Know how to plant dragon fruit know the benefits of dragon fruit where to find dragon fruit plants

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Know how to plant dragon fruit know the benefits of dragon fruit where to find dragon fruit plants

 Dragon fruit is popular in Thailand, Vietnam, Israel and Sri Lanka. Due to the price of Rs 200 to Rs 250 in the market, its cultivation in India has also increased in recent times. Low rainfall areas are considered suitable for its cultivation. The dragon fruit plant is used to produce ornamental plants as well as dragon fruit. Dragons can eat fruit as fresh fruit, as well as make jam, ice cream, jelly, juice and wine from this fruit. It is also used as a face pack as a cosmetics.

Climate suitable for dragon fruit cultivation:

It requires rain at a rate of 50 cm annual average while 20 to 30 degree Celsius temperature is considered suitable for this.Too much sunlight is not considered good for its cultivation. It can be cultivated in shady place for better yield in areas where sunlight is high.

Suitable soil: This fruit can be grown in many types of soils ranging from sandy loam soil to loam soil. However, sandy soil with better silt and drainage is best for its yield. The pH value of soil from 5.5 to 7 is considered suitable for the cultivation of dragon fruit.

The method of sowing in the cultivation of dragon fruit is the most common method of sowing in the cultivation of dragon fruit, it can also be sown through seeds, but since the seeds take a long time to grow and the properties of the original tree in that plant It is also less likely to come, so it is not considered favorable for its commercial cultivation.

You should prepare samples of dragon fruit by pruning quality plants. Samples about 20 cm long should be used for planting in the field. Before planting them, the original tree should be pruned and stacked.

Pests and Diseases The specialty of dragon fruit cultivation is that so far there has not been a case of any kind of pest in its plants or any kind of disease in the plants. Plants of dragon fruit begin to bear fruit in a year. Plants flower in the months of May to June and bear fruits from August to December.

Dragone fruit can be harvested after one month of flowering.The plants produce fruits till December. In this period, a tree can be harvested at least six times. Whether the fruits are worth breaking or not, it can be easily understood by the color of the fruits. The color of raw fruits is dark green while its color turns red when ripe. It is appropriate to pluck the fruits within three to four days of changing the color, but if the fruits are to be exported, it should be plucked within one day of changing the color.

Planting These plants should be mixed with dry dung and soil sand and cow dung in the ratio of 1: 1: 2 and planted. It must be kept in mind that before planting them, they should be kept in shade so that the strong light of the sun does not harm these saplings. At least 2 meters of empty space should be left in the place of planting of two plants. To plant a 60 cm deep, 60 cm wide pit to be dug.

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