Microsoft may buy social media firm Pinterest revenue rises

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 Microsoft may buy social media firm Pinterest revenue rises

There are reports of Microsoft buying social media firm Pinterest (Pinterest). The value of the pintrest is $ 51 billion (about Rs 3.7 lakh crore). According to The Financial Times, Microsoft intends to purchase Pintrest to build a portfolio of online communications on its cloud computing platform. The market value of pintrest has increased by 600% during the Kovid epidemic.

Microsoft bought many companies before

Microsoft had earlier purchased Linkedin for $ 26 billion (about Rs 1.8 lakh crore) and GitHub for $ 7.5 billion (about Rs 54 thousand crore). Microsoft gave $ 7.5 billion (about 54 thousand crore rupees) to private gaming company ZeniMax last year. He tried to buy Ticketock, but the deal could not be reached.

Pintrest s US revenue rises by 67%

Pintrest presented the financial report for the last quarter of 2020 last week. According to it, the company has generated revenue of $ 706 million (Rs 5.4 thousand crore). The company s revenue in the US increased 67% year-on-year to $ 582 million (about 4.2 thousand crore rupees). At the same time, international revenue grew 145% to $ 123 million (about Rs 895 crore). The number of users of pintrest has increased by 46% to more than 361 million (36 crore)

Social media firm needs laws on free speech

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that social platforms or multinational companies such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube would have to abandon their unilateral policy keeping in mind the democratic arrangements around the world. In democratic countries, this policy cannot be implemented permanently. Multinational companies have to make a blueprint of legal methods for themselves, which can keep us compatible with a democratic system like America.

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