Do you know what is phone root and benefits Disadvantages

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Do you know what is phone root and benefits Disadvantages

 Phonai rooting kee jaanakaaree bhee endraid yoozars ke lie behad aixchiting hai. to chalie jaanate hai ki root kya hai Phone rooting information is also very exciting for Android users. So let s know what the root is

The phone reaches our hands through different mobile companies around the world. When these companies give us a phone, along with it, it also sets Limitation. That is, what you will be able to use and what not in the phone, these mobile companies already decide.

You will be able to use the phone only by staying in the same limit. In simple words, if you live in a rented house, then there is a limit on what and how much you can use. You have to use that rental room while staying within the same range
Limitation also happens on mobile phones. For example, you cannot uninstall pre-installed applications. Can not modify already given RAM / ROM. There are many limitations. But this limit is also decided in terms of security, so that the phone is not misused.
So let s know what benefits you will get if you root the phone. That is, what changes can you make in your phone.
1. The biggest and first benefit is that you can uninstall the pre-installed application in the phone. That is, the useless and useless apps already installed by mobile companies can be removed after rooting them.
2. You must have noticed that in many phones apps do not move to SD card. That is, all the apps are loaded in your internal storage. Which we cannot install more applications in the phone, but after rooting the phone, you can very easily move the application to the SD card. The problem of low storage is over.
3. There are many applications for rooted phones, using which you can increase the battery life of the phone. Non-rooted phones do not support such apps.
4. For applications that do not run on non-rooted phones, you will be able to run rooted phones easily.
There are many applications that enhance the features of your phone. But such apps demand root access. Therefore, you will be able to use all such applications in your phone.
 6. Custom ROM can be installed. With its help, you can give your phone a look that will be different. That is, you will have the freedom to keep the icon, color, notification and fonts as per your choice.


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