7 ways to earn money from WhatsApp Affiliating Marketing Paid promotion

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 7 ways to earn money from WhatsApp Affiliating Marketing Paid promotion

 7 ways to earn money from whatsapp Affiliating Marketing

You know that money can also be earned from Whatsapp. You might not know about it. And there is no doubt that today in this online world you too will want to earn money online. You can send messages, photos or videos to any mobile number on Whatsapp. Meaning if you want to earn money from Whatsapp then it is important that you should have maximum Whats App number only then you can earn good money.

If you do not have much Whatsapp number, you can collect Whats app number with the help of Facebook.

You can then create a broadcast list of WhatsApp numbers.

This broadcast list can contain up to 256 numbers.

With the help of Broadcast, you can send the same message to 256 people simultaneously.

Now you can use this broadcast list to earn money.

Affiliating Marketing

In Affiliating marketing, we have to make product sales, which we get a good commission. So first we have to create Affiliating Account.

Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues

After joining the affiliate program, make an affiliating link and send it to your whatsapp as well. Then all the people who click on your link and buy any product, you will get its commission. In this way you can make good income sitting at home.

Online Teaching

If you have good knowledge in a subject and you can teach it to other people, then you can also earn money through whatsapp. Like- Teaching.

If you have good knowledge about a subject, then you can learn them through Whatsapp.

Link Shorting Service

Link shorting service is very easy. Through this, you can shorten the links to big and popular websites. After this, you can share that link on your whatsapp. Now if someone clicks on that link, you will get his money.

Some reliable link shorting service are -




PPD Network

PPD (pay per download) is such a network that if you download any file through it or you upload a file on their website, by the way your money also increases. In this, you have to upload movies, songs, software etc. on their website, and share their link in whatsapp group. As the number of their downloads increases, so will your money.

Youtube Channel And Website Promotion

You can earn money from whats aap by promoting other website or you tube channel.

If you have a lot of whatsapp groups and contacts, then you have to contact other bloggers and Youtubers about it.

Tell them that you can get good traffic in their website and view in YouTube videos.

For this, you can also take money from them.

Paid promotion

Friends, if you have a lot of WhatsApp groups and contacts, then you can promote paid.

For example, charge money to promote the product of a big shop or company around you in your Whatsapp group.

You should make this service accessible to the people that you promote their shop, goods or any product.

After this, people will start contacting you on their own.

Money Earning Apps

You must have downloaded many apps from Google Play Store.

Do you know that a lot of money making apps are also available on the Play Store.

You can earn money from WhatsApp by downloading these too.

You have to download these apps, then earn money from refer & earn program.

You have to share your refer link in your Whatsapp group and contact.




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