How to stop SIM if the mobile is stolen or lost how to know the IMEI of the phone

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 How to stop SIM if the mobile is stolen or lost how to know the IMEI of the phone

Friends, if you have such a mobile phone and it has been stolen / lost, first of all make a written complaint to the police station.In the complaint, you must mention the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your mobile. If you do not know the IMEI number of your mobile, then check in the phone box. You will get into it But if you do not have that box, then its bill will be checked in it.
If you do not have any means to know the IMEI, then please make a written complaint to the police station without these numbers. When someone misuses your phone, you will save it in that condition.
By the way, we should always keep the IMEI number of our mobile written in our personal diary. To know your phone s IMEI, simply dial * # 06 # you will get this number.
Now you have to do another work, turn off your SIM card as soon as possible.
How to turn off my previous post sim for this? read the.
In this, you will get information about turning off the SIM card of all networks.
Now let s talk about how to find your stolen or lost mobile.
But if they do not pay attention, can we find our own mobile?
Can we find its location online?

Yes, through Android Device Manager you can find the location of your stolen mobile from your computer online or from other smartphone. Android phones have such a feature.
For this, first go to androiddevicemanager.
After this, SIGN IN with your same Google account, which you used to use in your stolen or lost mobile.
Now your phone s Model Name will appear.
Here you can see in which location your mobile exact is right now.
As you can see in the image below. In this, along with the detail, it will also tell how far your phone is.
But friends, with the help of Android Device Manager, your phone should be on to see the location of your stolen or lost Android phone.
Internet data must be turned on with it turned on. And the location must be turned on in the phone to track the location.
If all these things are on mobile then only you can locate online, otherwise the tracking feature of the smartphone is of no use.
If a Stupid thief has stolen your mobile and has turned on internet data and location along with the mobile then you are very lucky. In such a situation, your stolen mobile can be found. And this will happen not because of your smartness but because of the stupidness of the thief.
Whenever your mobile is stolen or lost, give written notice to the police station.
Because only police or cyber cell officers will be able to track your phone.
They are the only ones who can get your phone back.
There are many applications for Android smartphones that can help you recover your mobile after it is stolen or lost. But such an application has to be setup and installed in your phone before it is stolen / lost.

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