How to backup contact numbers from mobile phone contact number important

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How to backup contact numbers from mobile phone  contact number important

Many of our tasks are easily done with the help of a smartphone. Mostly we save the number of our friends, colleagues and other related people in mobile, but people know that our phone is stolen or lost, our contact numbers go with the phone. Due to which we have to face many types of problems. If we keep a backup of ourselves, we will not have any kind of problem. How can you backup contacts number from your mobile phone?

How much is the contact number important in today s time, we all know very well that there was a time when we kept writing our phone numbers in a diary or copy so that our phone number would be saved and when we had to call someone. So we open the dairy and the phone number

How to backup contact numbers

1. Go to mobile contacts

To make a backup of all the contacts of your phone, first go to your mobile contacts and click on the More option, then click on Settings.

2. Click on Import Export Contact

Once you click on Settings, an option will open import / export contacts, click on it, then click on Export. As soon as you click on the export option, but you want to select your device, where you want to create a back-up, for this you can select in memory card or internal storage as you wish.

3. As soon as you click on the export, your contacts number ie phone number will be backed up, after that you can check in the SD card i.e. memory card by going to the file manager of the mobile, on the bottom side, you will find the file named Contacts.vcf. Will get In which a backup of your contact numbers will be available.

4. If you want to put these numbers in another phone, then you should go to Settings and click on Import Export and click on Import, after that you select the storage where your backup file is. After this, contact numbers will be added to your mobile.

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