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The term SENSEX was introduced by stock market analyst Deepak Mohoni in 1989. It is made up of two words, sensitive and index ie sensory index. The Sensex is the benchmark index of the Indian stock market in India. It refers to the fluctuations in the share price listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). It started on 1 January 1986.

The SENSEX monitors the share price of companies listed on the stock market. Then it gives the average value of a share after a day s work. This gives us accurate information about the prices of companies listed in the stock market. India s oldest stock exchange, BSE, has 5,155 companies listed. The stock market monitors the share price of all these companies.

How is SENSEX formed?

The BSE has 5155 companies listed. Out of these, the stock of 30 big companies makes sense. The shares of these companies are included during its calculations. The shares of these 30 big companies are the most bought and sold. These 30 companies are from different sectors and are considered to be the largest in their sector. However, the companies involved in the SENSEX vary.

The selection of these companies is done by the Index Committee of the Stock Exchange. Many types of people are included in this committee. It can also have government, bank sector and well-known economists.



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