20 precious thoughts of charlie chaplin Motivational Quotes in Hindi

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20 precious thoughts of charlie chaplin Motivational Quotes in Hindi

Charlie Chaplin was an English comedian and filmmaker. He has made a significant contribution to the film industry. Earlier films did not have a voice, yet they won the hearts of the whole world only with their facial gestures. Charlie Chaplin is considered a role model in the entire world of film. He is also called the father of comedy given his unprecedented contribution to comedy.
20 precious thoughts of charlie chaplin

The world often behaves badly with big hearts.

Mirror is my best friend because when I cry he never laughs.

The day you don t laugh, that day goes in vain.

The true character of a person comes to the fore only when he is drunk.

Failure should not be given much preference because it requires a lot of courage to make fun of ourselves.

We think more than we think and we feel much less.

Nothing is permanent in this evil world - not even our troubles.

If you just get a smile, then your life will be meaningful.

If you leave people alone, your life will be better.

For all the disappointments, the right love is the most beautiful, because you can express it more than once.

I do not believe what they want, I have made the same conclusion from my career.

To really laugh, you should get black to play with your pain.

Humor is a tonic for pain relief.

Despair is a drug, it makes the mind restless in apathy.

We think more and we feel less.

The hatred of the people will end, the taunts will die, and the power they have taken away from the people will get back to the people. In the end, everything is a joke.


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