inspirational thoughts for employees business jack ma owner of alibaba

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inspirational thoughts for employees business jack ma owner of alibaba

 inspirational thoughts for employees business jack ma owner of alibaba The Planning of life with business

Today is difficult, tomorrow will be even harder, but the day before will be beautiful: jack ma owner of alibaba

I always tell myself that today is a difficult day, tomorrow things will be worse and the most difficult day will prove to be, but the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful.

Most people give up by tomorrow evening. You need to work hard, the only problem that comes up every day is actually your training.

When someone approaches my desk and everyone thinks it s great, I usually throw it in the trash can. How can he be good when everyone considers him good. When everyone says about an idea that it is very difficult, I choose it and think how to do it differently.

When you graduate, when your learning career starts, whatever certificate you have will be in your hands only because of the fees paid by your parents. The real challenge will begin after this, when you enter life.

Only then will your real exam This is life. You should only have the confidence that if the students of Moscow University are not successful, then 99.5 percent of the world cannot succeed.

The Planning of life with business

I would like to say to those of you 20 to 30 years of age that do not be in search of good company, work with a good boss.

Learn a lot from them. When you are between 30 and 40, try to do something of your own.

When the age is between 40 to 50, do the work in which you are good. You must have spent twenty years learning something, you will be good at it. When attaining the age of 50 to 60,

Let the youth spend time to cooperate. After 60, spend time with your grandchildren.

Business Startup Tips and Idea

People say that in today s time the market has not been easy, competition has increased, business is full of problems ... So my answer is that it was always there. The market has never been easier. You can not only do well on the basis of confidence, it is also necessary to build a good team. You cannot do everything, like I am less knowledgeable in technical matters, then I set up a technical team and I listen to them. Stay with people who match your thinking.



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