Apple and governments can access people iMessage CEO of Facebook

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Posted on 30-01-2021 by Admin

Apple and governments can access people iMessage CEO of Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that Apple and governments can access the messages of most people on Apple s messaging service iMessage. He explained, "iCloud stores non-end-to-end encrypted backups of messages when iCloud is activated." As Zuckerberg, iMessage comes pre-installed on iPhones so it is popular in the US.

The battle between Apple and Facebook is not taking a lasting name. We have told you the reason behind this many times. Know once again that Facebook is annoyed by a privacy feature offered by Apple in iOS 14.

According to the report, verification has been removed from the Apple page of Facebook. That is, the blue tick of verification that you see on Facebook is no longer on Apple s official page.

All the Facebook companies of Facebook Apple have their Facebook page verified and there is also a blue tick. But now this verification has been removed from Apple s page.

Update - According to the Facebook statement, Apple s official Facebook page was not already verified. But why was the Facebook page not verified? In response to this question, Facebook has said that the admin of Apple page has not yet applied for it under the verification process.

Significantly, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said on Facebook s displeasure that Apple is not stopping Facebook from tracking the data of their users, rather Apple wants to give a choice to its users to decide on their own Whether to track data.



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