Invest with planning, you can become a millionaire in a few years

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Invest with planning, you can become a millionaire in a few years

In view of rising inflation in today s time, funds of lakhs of rupees will not be enough for the fuer. A great example of this was seen by people in the Corona crisis. For the future, you have to create a fund of Rs 1-1.5 crore. Now, creating a fund of Rs 1.5 crore is also not an easy task. But it is not impossible either.

There is an option like stock market for investment, which can double your money in a few days or weeks, but the risk here is very high. To become a millionaire, you need an investment option that has guaranteed and sustained benefits. Also, the probability of loss in that option should be zero. One such good option is the Public Provident Fund (PPF). Anyone can start investing in PPF anytime. There is a trick to quickly become a millionaire from PPF, which we will tell you here.

If you start investing at the age of 30, then you will have 30 years to invest till retirement (age 60). The maturity period of PPF is 15 years. But you can increase it. In such a situation, you can continue investing in PPF account, on which you will continue to get interest. To continue investing in PPF account for 30 years, Form-H has to be submitted thrice. You will have to do this work in the 15th year, 20th year and 25th year of opening a PPF account.

According to the PPF calculator, if the current interest rate of 7.1 percent is kept intact for the entire period, then under normal circumstances, by investing Rs. 12500 per month, after 15 years you will get a total of Rs 40,68,209. Similarly, if you deposit money for a long time and continue investing in PPF account, then you will also get interest on the money you have deposited in the last 15 years. Then finally the PPF maturity amount you will get after 30 years is Rs 1,54,50,911 or Rs 1.54 crore.

This is special trick. Talking about special trick, PPF account holder should invest between first and fourth date of every month. This will help the PPF account holder to get PPF interest in the same month. Actually according to PPF rules, if you invest from the first to the fourth of the month, then you will be considered eligible for PPF interest rate for the same month.

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