MeITY and AWS Announce Quantum Computing Applications Lab in India

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MeITY and AWS Announce Quantum Computing Applications Lab in India

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has announced the establishment of a Quantum Computing Application Lab in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
The move will give select researchers, scientists access to Amazon s bracket cloud-based quantum computing service.
It is to be implemented by the Department of Science and Technology operated under the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The mission focuses on fundamental science, technology development and addresses issues related to national priorities.
It will create the next generation of skilled manpower and encourage the development of entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem.
The Union Budget 2020-21 had proposed to spend Rs 8,000 crore on the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications.

Important facts for all competitive exams:

Minister of Electronics and Information Technology: Ravi Shankar Prasad.
CEO of Amazon Web Services: Andy Jessie.
Establishment of Amazon Web Services: 2006.
Amazon Web Services Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States.
Quantum computing is an emerging field, which seeks to take computing beyond what existing classical computers can achieve. Quantum computers rely on the laws of quantum mechanics to calculate and solve problems. The idea is that these computers may one day solve problems that traditional computers are unable to do

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