Signal can never be acquired by a tech company and no data sell and share

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Signal can never be acquired by a tech company and no data sell and share

 Signal can never be acquired by a tech company: Signal COO

Signal COO Aruna Harder has said, "The Signal Foundation is an independent non-profit." "It has no tie-up with a big tech company and it (signal) can never be acquired (acquired) by a tech company," said Aruna. He further stated that the app has no data to sell to anyone.
‘We have no data with us to sell and share to anyone’: Signal COO Aruna Harder to TNM

Over 50 million downloaded Signal apps

So far this app has been downloaded more than 5 crores. Signal app has been the biggest beneficiary of the WhatsApp policy controversy. WhatsApp downloads in India have reduced by 35% in 7 days. Apart from this, more than 40 lakh users came on the Signal and Telegram app. It has 24 lakh downloads of signals. The app has a total growth of 30 per cent, of which 16 per cent is held by India alone.

This is how the signal app works

Signal is an encrypted app. Through which you can send messages via the Internet, make audio / video calls. The claim of this app to focus on the privacy of the user is its USP. ‘Say hello to privacy’ is the tag line of this app. In this app also you can make group chat and group call. This is an open source app, ie, independent experts keep checking its security regularly. This app has been created by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC.

Brian Acton first created WhatsApp, then set up the signal

Brian Acton, 49, is nothing short of a scary dream for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The matter is of 2009, when the company did not choose the actor who went for Facebook interview. But just 5 years later, Facebook bought WhatsApp made by Acton and John Coom for 1.3 lakh crore rupees ($ 19 billion).
Acton, who was once rejected as an employee on Facebook, became the owner of 27 thousand crore rupees (3.8 billion dollars) of property from this deal.
He then started the Signal Foundation in February 2018. For this he spent 50 million dollars (about 365 crores rupees). As of June 2020, Signal had a total of over 32.4 million downloads. By 2020, the app had about 20 million monthly active users.

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