Google warns to shut down its search engine in Australia

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Posted on 22-01-2021 by Admin

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Google has warned of shutting down its search engine in the country, with the Australian government trying to force Google and Facebook to pay local media for content. In fact, under a proposed law, if the negotiations between Google and the publishers are inconclusive, then the government intermediary will decide the price

Google warns Australia to stop search engine, know the whole matter

Australia is going to be the first country in the world, where Google and Facebook will have to pay publishers in exchange for news content. Google is expressing displeasure over this law and has warned to remove its search engine from Australia.

Google has said that some of its services will not be offered to users in Australia.Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said in response that lawmakers will not succumb to such threats .

Deal with News Publishers Google-Facebook

Of course, Australia should not be included in the big markets of Google, but originating from here can increase the problem of Google and other markets can also bring such laws.

After the new legislation in Australia, Google and Facebook will have to deal with publishers and pay for the news appearing on their platforms.

Google Australia managing director Mill Silva said on Friday that these laws cannot be enforced.

Why does Australia want to bring a new law?

Google Australia has a large search engine service and the government is calling it essential for competition in the market.

The government says that people in Australia who want to read the news go to Google. In return, newsrooms doing journalism on behalf of Google should get the right amount.

It is being said that the news industry should get financial support so that the media continues to strengthen democracy.

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