20 Effective Tips to reduce stomach and Weight after delivery

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20 Effective Tips to reduce stomach and Weight after delivery

Most women are upset with the increased weight after delivery and want to reduce the enlarged abdomen. If you too are troubled by increased weight and increased stomach after delivery, then this article is for you. In this article of Momjunction we will talk in detail about increased weight and increased belly after delivery. You will be given information about their causes and their treatment here. Let s first know what causes weight gain after delivery.

Causes of weight gain after delivery

There can be many reasons for weight gain after pregnancy, which start showing during pregnancy. Below we are talking about these reasons

The weight of the woman increases during pregnancy, which is felt more after delivery. The main reason for this is the rapid change of hormones.

Catering is another main reason for this. During pregnancy and even after pregnancy, women are given things like ghee and dry fruits, which cause weight gain.

One reason for weight gain after delivery may also be the inability of a woman to breastfeed properly. Therefore, breastfeeding is also necessary to keep weight under control.

Resting at all times after delivery, not doing any physical activity and not taking a walk can also be the cause of weight gain.

Most women become so busy taking care of the baby after delivery that they are unable to pay attention to themselves. For this reason they do not get time to exercise and start gaining weight.

In some cases, after thyroid imbalance, obesity also increases after delivery.

Some tips to lose weight or stomach after pregnancy

Take regular diet: You may be thinking about reducing food intake in the process of losing weight, but do not do it at all. Doing so may cause weakness or further increase obesity. Therefore, do not cut down on food, just take healthy food.

Eat little, but many times: Instead of eating the food collected three times a day, eat it little by little in six times. Eating a little bit will keep your digestive system healthy.

Belly belt: To reduce obesity, you can use a belt to tie on the stomach. This proves to be very effective. Doctors also recommend its use.

Take fewer calories: You should eat things that give you nutrition and which are low in calories. Also, the amount of protein in the food and carbohydrates should be reduced. Eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein and fiber, such as eggs, chicken, lean meats, tuna and salmon, fish, beans and whole grains.

Keep yourself hydrated: It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated. For this, you must drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. This will remove toxins from your body and make it easy to lose weight.

Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly helps a lot in reducing obesity after delivery.

Get complete sleep: Although it may be difficult to get eight hours of continuous sleep after the birth of a child, you will need to get plenty of sleep. For this, you can give other household chores to the rest of the members and can sleep while your baby is also sleeping.

Stay away from stress: There is no doubt that stress is the main cause of weight gain. Therefore, as far as possible keep yourself away from stress and always try to be happy.

Dance: Dancing will also help in losing weight. For this, you can play your favorite music and dance. Talk to your doctor before you dance, as your delivery has been recent, it may be advisable to take some precautions.

Walk as much as you can: Make sure to include walking in your routine. Walk as much as you can. This makes it easy to lose weight. You can take a walk in the park for a while. If you have to go to get some goods from nearby, then go for a walk on rickshaw or car.

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol: To reduce obesity after delivery, you must stay away from caffeine and alcohol. If you still want to drink tea and coffee, then you can drink a cup of green tea.

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