The works of vladimir Lenin, from which important place in history Biography, Facts, Ideology

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The works of vladimir Lenin, from which important place in history Biography, Facts, Ideology

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin vladimir lenin (1870–1924): He is considered a great leader and teacher of the working class, but the truth is that its supporters around the world work only to gain power by doing politics politics. The worker is still a worker today. The leftist ideology knows or wants to make people equally poor, not rich.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was the leader of the world s first successful labor revolution. The first socialist state was established in the Soviet Union under Lenin s leadership. He told the workers that they have to get their rights free from exploitation-oppression and bondage, but they changed when Lenin came to power by climbing over the workers shoulders. The worker is still a worker today. Loaded socialism did not last long

The works of vladimir Lenin, from which important place in history Biography, Facts, Ideology

Lenin was born on April 22, 1870, in a small town called Symbirsk, Russia. His father was an officer in the education department. In those days, there was autocratic rule of Tsarist rule in Russia and the workers and peasant population was the victim of severe exploitation and oppression. On the other hand the bourgeoisie, the vassal and the officers of the Tsar Shahi lived a life of delicacy.

Lenin s elder brother Alexander was a member of a revolutionary organization that tried to kill the Russian emperor (called Czar). Lenin was 13 when Alexander was hanged for attempting to assassinate Jar. His elder sister Anna was also arrested and put in jail.

While studying law, he began participating in student protests and was introduced to the works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. He was active in the -Labor Liberation Party created by the Russian revolutionary thinker Plekhanov. Then they came to St. Petersburg, Russia s largest industrial city, and started working to organize the workers.

Born 22 April Simbirsk, Rush

Died 21 January 1924 (age 53) Gorki, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Mausoleum Lenin s Mausoleum, Moscow, Russian Federation

Birth name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov

After the Russian Revolution under his leadership, the Soviet Union was established in 1922 and later became one of the world s superpowers. In terms of area, Lenin s body has been stored in this country s largest country 96 years after his death. Not only this, this thinker who raised the flag of Marxism in Russia is still alive in many countries of the world.

vladimir Lenin, who made Russia a superpower on his own ideas, is still alive today

Lenin demonstrated his theory of revolution through the October Revolution. Thousands of laborers bleed in the revolution. Under the leadership of the laborers, Lenin finally changed power. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the toiling masses of the entire country rose up to defend their state. From 1917 to 1921, there was a fierce civil war in Russia, but eventually the exploiters were crushed.

Lenin was badly injured in 1918 by bullets fired by an assassin as part of the conspiracy of the enemies of the revolution. A few weeks later, he returned to work but could never recover fully. Lenin died on 21 January 1924 at the age of just 53. After Lenin s death Joseph Stalin carried on his work. He called the Marxist ideology Marxism-Leninism.

Lenin body was preserved after his death

Lenin body was preserved after his death. His corpse can still be seen in Lenin s mausoleum on Moscow s Red Square. Let us tell you that Lenin is not the only communist leader whose body has been preserved. After them, the body of Mao Tsetung, the founder of modern China, was also preserved. It is placed in Mao Tsetung s mausoleum in Beijing.

He died in 1976. Apart from these, after the death of Kim Il Sung, the first ruler of North Korea at the age of 82, his body was preserved and kept in his mausoleum in the Kumususan Palace of Sun. The body of Kim Jong Il, the second ruler of North Korea, is also kept in the Kumusan Memorial Palace.

Survey to bury Lenin s body

Lenin is one of the leaders of the world who remained in the discussion even after he died. He died of stroke in 1924 at the age of 54. Lenin s body was neither burnt nor buried at that time. His body is kept in a museum in Moscow s Red Square.

2 million dollars spent to preserve the dead body

The Russian Biomedical Technology Research and Training Center has been taking care of Lenin s body since 1924 when Lenin s body was first kept in Moscow s Red Square for public viewing. However, since the break-up of the Soviet Union, demands for burial of Lenin s body have been raised. The Russian government spent two million dollars last year on preserving Lenin s body.







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