first female indian to win a medal at the olympics Karnam Malleswari biograph

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first female indian to win a medal at the olympics Karnam Malleswari biograph

Karnam Malleswari- A woman weightlifter raising India head India s first female Olympic medalist raised confidence in Indian women, leaving behind the challenge. Karnam Malleswari lifted 110 kg and 130 kg in snatch and clean and jerk. Karnam Malleswari, who weighed a total of 240 kg, created history by winning the Bronze medal.

Karnam Malleswari biography of sportsman sports players sportspersons weightlifter

Karnam Malleswari comes from a family of sports enthusiasts. His father Karnam Manohar was a college-level football player, while his four sisters went into weightlifting.

But ironically, it was his mother, Shyamala, who was the only family figure who was not from the sports world, but in spite of this he encouraged Karnam Malleswari to pursue the dream.

India received the first female Olympic medalist. Weightlifter Karnam Malleshwari did this feat. Coming from a small village in Andra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh), the players were India s only medalists in these Games in 2000. This medal of Malleshwari opened the way for women to make a career in sports in India and assured that if given the opportunity, women of India can achieve success in any sport.

Weightlifting journey started at the age of 12

The family of Malleswari, born Vusavanipeta, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, never thought that this girl would one day illuminate not only her name but the entire country. At the age of just 12, Malleswari started training in weightlifting under the patronage of Coach Nallamshetty Appanna. Karnam Malleswari s talent was recognized by Arjuna Award winning chief national coach Shyamlal Salwan when she went to the Bangalore camp in 1990 along with her elder sister.

In 1993, Malleswari finished third at the World Championships and then finished third again in 1996, with a series of world titles in the 54 kg division in 1994 and 1995. He also won two silvers at the 1994 and 1998 Asian Games, and was awarded the Padma Shri in 1999.

History created in 2000 Sydney Olympics

Karnam successfully defended his world title in 1995 and was in the race to complete the World Championship gold hat-trick in 1996.

She returned with medals in four consecutive World Championships, including gold medals in 1994 and 1995, a befitting reply to those considered unfit for the sport.


When she grew up and her body was already strengthened, Karnam Malleswari shifted to 63kg, winning as well, after which she won her second Asian Games silver in 1998.



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