How to order from Jio Mart on WhatsApp Strategy of Reliance Jio Mart on WhatsApp

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How to order from Jio Mart on WhatsApp Strategy of Reliance Jio Mart on WhatsApp

Reliance launched JioMart in 200 cities and towns simultaneously in May 2020 last year. After which the company also signed a deal with Whatsapp in April 2020. In April, Facebook bought a 9.9 per cent stake in Reliance s Jio for 5.7 billion dollars. At the same time, the company is preparing to add it to WhatsApp so that more people can connect with it and will be able to order goods without any hassle during chatting.

How to order from Jio Mart on WhatsApp?

Orders made on WhatsApp will be the same as we order food on zomato or Swiggy. When you search for something on WhatsApp, you will be sent a list of products including price and variety information from different shops. You will be able to order by choosing one of them. The special thing will be that there will be no need to go out of WhatsApp for payment. Payments can be made through WhatsApp payment or live money.

The announcement of WhatsApp Payment and Jio working with grocery shoppers is beneficial. Today, Paytm and many banks have installed millions of POS payment machines at grocery stores. That means grocery shoppers are ready for online payment. Shoppers are already using WhatsApp for inventory and catalogs.

Jio Mart is already taking orders on WhatsApp

  • The Jio Mart grocery service started in January 2020. After this, in April Facebook made a deal of Rs 43,574 thousand crore to buy a 9.99% stake in Jio. Then the Jio Mart app came on the Android and iOS stores. Over 1 crore people have downloaded it on Android so far.
  • Along with this, customers also got the facility to order groceries on Jio Mart s WhatsApp number.
  • For this, you have to send Hi to the number 88500 08000 of Jio Mart.

Strategy of Reliance Jio Mart on WhatsApp

It has been informed in the report that JioMart is now preparing to reach every corner of the country, for this the company will work with Whatsapp. Rather Reliance and Whatsapp have also started working on this planning. It has also been said that this planning will start within the next 6 months. After which users will be able to order goods from there without leaving chat on Whatsapp.

The special thing is that users will not need to exit the app to order goods. This planning of the company can compete on shopping platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.


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