How to make money with Unacademy How to Join Unacademy Educator App

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How to make money with Unacademy How to Join Unacademy Educator App

 Unacademy was first started as a YouTube channel by Gaurav Munjal in 2010, followed by Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh joining Unacademy in December 2015. These three together made Unacademy a Pvt Ltd company. Since then it has been working continuously in the field of education.

On Unacademy you can connect in two ways if you are an educator and want to teach online on this platform, then you can use the unacademy educator app. If you are a student and want to study online by taking any courses on this platform, then you can use the unacademy learning app.

How to make money with Unacademy

If you have knowledge and you want to give this knowledge to people sitting at home, then you can give it exactly as a teacher gives in class room. You can do this work on youtube too, but wishing money from youtube is very hard work.

Just as there are subscriber on YouTube, in the same way there are followers on the Unacademy, which will be more follower, more will be seen on your video.

To make money on youtube, videos have to be advertised, but for that, you have to take approval from google adsense, but on Unacademy, money is paid according to the view of the video.


Unacademy gives you different milestones like 1000 view, 2500 view, 5000 view in this way gives some money according to different view.

If you want to teach as a teacher, then the academy platform is the best because if you provide good content, then the academy promotes itself. If you become more famous, you can earn by running Paid Course.

To become an educator on Unacademy, one must first join the Unacademy Educator App, uploading a demo video of your course of details. After that, Unacademy team will get approval after checking your video quality in a few days.

Now I am going to tell you how to use Unacademy app and how to become Unacademy Educator

How to Join Unacademy Educator App

Here we are telling you step by step process to join as an educator on the academy.

Step 1:

First of all download Unacademy Educator App from google play store.

After opening the app, let s click on Start

1. Type your full name in it.

2. Enter your Email Address

3. Fill the 6-digit password according to you.

4. Click Register Button in Last

For this, you will have to upload a 3-minute Demo Video Upload for this. In the demo video, PPT has to be created through PDF. Keep in mind that the demo video should not contain any copyrighter materials such as image or photo. The quality of the video should be good, your voice should be clear and clear.

After that the unacademy team will check your profile and demo video. When everything is found right, you will get approval for Educator. If approval is not available at one time, you can try again.

In this way paisa kamaye sitting at home by running his course in an academy educator application

How to use Unacademy Learning App

First of all, download Unacademy Learning App from play store.

Signup after opening the app.

Unacademy user student teacher review Ratings 

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Teachers Provide Study material Very Usefull. topic wise subject wise

UnacademyTechnology Used — It is till now the best

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Unacademy user review Ratings 7/10


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