40 Countries That Have Lower Currency Value list Lets know which are these places

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40 Countries That Have Lower Currency Value list Lets know which are these places

Those who are fond of Indian travel are skeptical of traveling abroad. He feels that his currency is weak and will not be able to raise the expenses. So for them it is more than reality. We often complain about the Indian currency, the rupee, that its price is very low internationally. Because of which we think many times before going to our favorite places. But look at the history of the rupee, then in 1947 where the value of 1 rupee was equal to one dollar. Today, the price of 1 dollar has been more than 70 rupees.

But, there are still some countries where the rupee meets your expectations. If you too are thinking of going abroad, then we tell you about those beautiful countries where the Indian rupee makes you feel rich.

There are many beautiful countries in the world where the currency is weaker than the rupee of India and can be easily moved there.

If you travel to these countries, you do not have to loose pockets too much. We are telling you about 10 such countries.


Vietnam is a beautiful country. The status of Indian currency rupee is also very good here. The price of one rupee here is 353.80 Vietnamese dong. Vietnam is known for its street food.


One rupee in India is equivalent to 207.74 rupees in Indonesia. Indonesia is called a group of islands. You will also find temples of many ancient Indian deities in Indonesia. You can travel to Indonesia for a few thousand rupees.


Here you will get Paraguay currency for 86.96 guarani for one rupee. If you want to do some adventure, then you must reach Paraguay.


In Cambodia you will get 63.63 riyals for one rupee. Cambodia is known for its greenery. You can feel the smell of old civilizations here.


The Indian currency rupee is also in good health in Mongolia. Here you will get 37.60 Mongolian tugrik for one rupee. What is nomadism, you can only feel it in Mongolia.

In a hostel in Mongolia, you will get a room for 500-800 rupees. If you are fond of drinking, then tell that vodka will be found everywhere here.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country. Here 8.89 Costa Rica will work for one rupee. Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity. If you want to see the pristine beaches and colorful water, then you can turn to Costa Rica. Suiting of Jurassic Park film was also done here.


In Hungary, you will get one rupee for four rupees according to the currency forte. Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. People think it s expensive to go to Europe, but you can think of Hungary


Here also Indian currency rupee is heavy on krona. In Iceland you will get 1.72 krona for one rupee. This country is known for the wintry winter, but in summer you can enjoy it here.

Bolvia - (1 INR = 0.11 Boliviano)

Hotels in Bolvia are very cheap, so check in here and enjoy sightseeing. Definitely stay in the forest and river town of Rürenbeck. There will not be much burden on pockets for eating, drinking and living here.

Belarus - (1 INR = 216 Ruble)

The currency of the landlocked country Belarus is the ruble. Lakes, forests and many things are enough to make your holiday Yagdagar.


Here you will find some of the most amazing things. Nepal is the land of Sherpas. Mount Everest and seven other high mountain peaks are located in Nepal. Which is the center of attraction for tourists. One of the advantages of Indians is that they do not require a visa to visit Nepal.


Enjoying the forests and treks in Chile makes for a pleasant experience. Chile s mountain ranges are visible. Along with this, there are also many active volcanic peaks. The Lake District is one of the famous places in Chile. Farm, river, valley in Chile are quite attractive

Know which is the lowest currency  Countries That Have Lower Currency Value list 

Cambodia 58.50 KHR

Zimbabwe 4.65 ZWD

Paraguay 89.52 PYG

Laos 124.89 LAK

Colombia 44.99 COP

Sri Lanka 2.52 LKR

Indonesia 204.31 IDR

1. Algeria

2. Vietnam

3. Indonesia

4. Paraguay

5. Cambodia

6. Mongolia

7. Costa Rica

8. Hungary

9. Iceland

10. Zimbabwe

11. Japan

12. Chile

13. Uzbekistan

14. Djibouti

15. Yemen

16. Sri Lanka

17. Nepal

18. Belarus

19. South Korea

20. Laos


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