16 January is important in the history of the world for several reasons

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16 January is important in the history of the world for several reasons

It has been recorded forever in the pages of history. Come, we know that some such important events of January 16 will increase your general knowledge. The facts gathered will be such as: famous people born today, death of celebrities, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc.

16 January is important in the history of the world for several reasons

The 2011 New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots. It is the biggest upset in NFL history.

The 2012 US Congress proposed anti-piracy legislation to shut down the English Wikipedia website. English Wikipedia and has protested against it.

The 2013 bombings in Idlib, Syria, killed 24 people.

2013 Canada Sirke du Solil cut 400 jobs due to strong loony and rising costs.

2013 US Secretary of State, Ken Salazar has announced that he will leave his office at the end of March.

2013: 24 people killed in bomb blasts in Idlib, Syria.

2009: Mumbai won the Ranji Championship for a record 38th time by defeating Uttar Pradesh.
2006 Socialist leader Michael Bashlet was elected the first female President of Chile.
Five days after the song proposal for the 2008 Spanish national anthem, Words Marcha Real, the Spanish Olympic Committee withdrew the
proposal due to widespread criticism.
2011 Libya s Muammar al-Gaddafi is less than 24 months from being the world s longest-serving leader. He has remained in power for 41 years
1989: The Soviet Union announces its plan for a two-year manned mission to Mars.
1920: League of Nations holds its first council meeting in Paris.
1769: Planned horse racing was organized for the first time in Accra, Calcutta.
1761: Puducherry was annexed by the British from French occupation.
1681: The grand coronation of Sambhaji, son of Kshatrapati Shivaji, took place at Raigad Fort in Maharashtra.
1581: Parliament in Britain passes legislation against Roman Catholic Christians.

People born today 16 January is important in the history of the world

1946 - Birth of actor Kabir Bedi.
1927 - Birth of Kamini Kaushal, the famous actress and TV artist of Hindi films.
1926 - Famous musician O. Birth of P. Nayyar.
1630 - Birth of Guru Harai, the seventh Guru of the Sikhs.

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