Zivame Founder Richa Kar Success Story about Zivame company

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Zivame Founder Richa Kar Success Story about Zivame company

Zivame Founder Richa Kar Success Story about Zivame company: No work is small or big, a human being can be big or small. One such thing is to online sell women undergarments, people feel very hesitant to do business in this way. Now this businessman, be it women or men, would have a hesitation in everyone. But there are some people who do their work with full faith regardless of worldliness. 

Realizing this problem, Richa from Bangalore started a lounger store. However, when he shared this idea with his family, his mother opposed it. He said that, how would she tell her relatives that her daughter sells bra-panties. 

Richa company value is Rs 270 crore today. Their revenue is growing at an annual rate of 300 per cent. Zivame online lounger store currently has 5,000 lounger style, 50 brands and 100 sizes. The company offers offerings such as Tri at Home, Fit Consultant, Special Packing and Fitting Lounge in Bangalore.

The company currently delivers to all PIN codes in India. Richa was included in Fortune India -Under 40 list in 2014 for this success.

Abou Zivame Founder Richa

Richa was born in a middle class family in Jamshedpur. He studied with BITS-Pilani.

It is very difficult for women to buy undergarments from the shop many times in the market. It becomes more difficult if the shopkeeper is a male.

Realizing this problem, Richa Kar started an online site Zivame

Richa started Zivame in 2011 for Rs 35 lakh. He collected it from his friends and family. This included his own savings.

Richa had to face many difficulties in starting a business. They had to leave their jobs

According to Richa, her mother said that how will I tell my friends that my daughter sells bra-panties.

At the same time, her father did not understand what work she wanted to do. Also people used to laugh at his business

Zivame.com has raised a total of $69M in funding over 8 rounds

Founders: Kapil Karekar, Richa Kar

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