Clovia Founder Neha Kant Success Story about clovia company

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Clovia Founder Neha Kant Success Story about clovia company

About Clovia Founder Neha Kant

He sidelined the society pressure and decided to pursue an MBA after doing a simple graduation from Miranda House instead of engineering for himself, and started his own start-up,, after working at a few majors. Clovia, founded in 2013 by husband-wife duo Neha Kant and Pankaj Vermani

How the success story started

During one of her travels abroad, Neha realized that Indian Woman does not have much choice in the loungers segment.
 It was difficult to buy any kind of designer inner wear in small cities because such designs are not available in the shop, as 
well as if you want to try more, then it becomes difficult to ask more from the shopkeeper.
It was this thinking about which Neha started her research and founded with her tech savvy husband and a lingerie designer.

Why is special

All of Clovia s products are made in-house with a good team. Yes, the fabric, lace etc. used in these products are sourced from Bidesh.
 Neha has now prepared to supply her products in small towns in bulk.
This period is also the wedding anniversary season. Many of these orders are gift-packed. His customer care center receives a lot of calls from men, who ask about different types of products to buy for their wife or girlfriends. Colvia advertising was previously targeted at women, but now the company offers gender-neutral advertising. 
Clovia: Founder & CEO Jun 1, 2015

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