5 important know, when first time Apply for a credit card best tips related to EMI

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5 important know, when first time Apply for a credit card best tips related to EMI

Some things have an important role in any credit card EMI scheme. While availing this, charges like interest, processing fees, late payment penalty may be levied separately. Therefore, it is better to know some things before taking advantage of it.

According to the bank, customers can be careful to avoid being a victim of online fraud. The special thing is that by taking some necessary steps, you can protect the credit and debit card of any bank

Digital transactions are used by people from metro cities and even in small towns. Like debit card and digital payment app, security of credit card is also very important. But caution is needed when using the card..

5 important know, when first time Apply for a credit card best tips related to EMI

  1. Start with a low limit credit card, this will make it easier to pay the installment
  2. You can apply credit card on your FD, it will be taken as bank security
  3. Do not share credit card numbers with anyone. Always keep your credit card with you, change the PIN at least six months. Take special care in keeping the pin number.
  4. Do not share your OTP with anyone. Do not give any information to the bank on the call
  5. Do not click any suspicious link on the email, inform the bank if there is any possibility.
  6. Keep an eye on the debit / credit card usage, immediately withdraw your card after use.
  7. Confirm with SMS alert immediately after payment, do not throw the receipt after ATM usage.
  8. Avoid sharing card details during payment. Do not give CVV and PIN number to anyone.
  9. Avoid sharing credit card or debit card, avoid giving card information on mobile call.

EMI is available on most credit cards. However, it is still important to check whether your existing or new card has this feature. Different banks have different policies related to card EMI. Therefore, you must see what kind of benefits are available on your card and what kind of charges are charged.

On availing credit card EMI, your bank will charge a one-time processing fee (Processing Fee) which may be a small percentage of your total purchase amount or a fixed amount based on your credit card. But, if you have been a loyal customer of the bank for many years with a superb repayment history, you can negotiate processing fees with the bank.

When shopping online from an e-marketplace like Amazon (Amazon) or Flipkart with a credit card, sometimes there is an additional discount, no cost EMI is also available. In a way, it is a situation of mango and mango prices. It offers an additional discount on purchasing an item, as well as the opportunity to choose different EMI tenures to repay the loan, which can range from 3 to 24 months (no-cost and standard EMI).



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