What is telehealth Challenges and benefits of telehealth for patients

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 What is telehealth Challenges and benefits of telehealth for patients

Over the past decade, the Indian healthcare system has evolved a lot, with the adoption of new technologies, as well as systemic changes and emphasis on service quality.

However, health care standards are neither uniform across the country nor inclusive.

At one end of healthcare there are state-of-the-art private facilities with advanced testing and treatment technologies primarily for people in urban areas. On the other hand, there is also the region, which is completely void where the weaker sections have to struggle to get the most basic services.

The epidemic crisis has made the rift in the system more prominent. New challenges are coming up every day - hence, it becomes important to revisit the problems and formulate a plan to fix them.

Low health awareness can be attributed to poor education or functional literacy, as well as insufficient emphasis at various levels. However, regional efforts to raise awareness have generally shown promising results.

The power of education cannot be undermined and efforts should be made on both individually. Also, there is a need to make people aware on health issues at CSR level and promote healthy / safe behavior.

During the epidemic, thousands of lives could have been saved by a massive awareness campaign about social disturbances and masks.

Identifying and analyzing barriers to accessing geographic, financial, social and systemic people is critical and sensitizing people, so that long-term action can be taken to remove them.

Not only do doctors, nurses, medical and technical staff need to be trained, skilled and equipped, but their services are to be distributed equally across sectors.

Remote and rural areas are particularly plagued by staff shortages.

The problem can be solved by developing communication and accountability, clarifying expectations, and identifying many other areas. Also, digital innovation can play a huge role in overcoming challenges in the healthcare sector.

For example, on-demand health services and online services allow doctors to connect patients with phones. Depending on their disease, patients can search for medical specialists and can also book an appointment.

Telemedicine benefits for india

India has only one government doctor for every 1,139 people, while the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 1 doctor behind 1000 patients.

A shortage of doctors is limiting face-to-face counseling among patients. Secondly, there is also a shortage of hospital beds in India, which makes hospitalization difficult.

Telemedicine will reduce consultation time and improve the quality of health services in urban and rural areas, removing many infrastructural challenges.

Telemedicine is an area that bridges the health gap between rural India and urban India.

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