What are solar canals Challenges in solar power generation, India energy mix

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What are solar canals Challenges in solar power generation, India energy mix

Why in the headlines
Solar canals using space smartly in India.
Current scenario:
India is heavily dependent on coal-fired power plants, which have generated 72% of the country s electricity in 2018-19.

Solar Power of India:
The combination of abundant sunshine (about 300 sunny days in a year) and large energy-demanding population in India makes it an ideal location for solar.
According to the World Energy Outlook report, India has a huge solar capacity of about 750 GW.
In light of this, the Government of India has already started several initiatives to increase solar power capacity. 

Indian Solar Mission

International solar alliance etc.
India s solar capacity has reached 36.6GW at the end of the first quarter of 2020, aiming to increase to 100GW by 2022.
Challenges solar canals
India s solar story is largely based on imported goods.
India s provision on the need for domestic content poses legal challenges in the World Trade Organization.
To achieve the 100 GW target, India needs to invest around $ 50 billion over the next three years.
Technology and domestic manufacturing.

Choose the right place Solar farm solar canals -
Solar farm requires a lot of earth
Land in India is expensive and often has many owners with many formalities.
High population density also puts pressure on the land.
Indian domestic companies are not technically and economically very powerful to compete with Chinese companies.
China s large manufacturing base is giving a tough challenge to domestic manufacturers.
Solar Canal Capacity:
In states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, canals are mainly used for irrigation.
For example, the state of Gujarat alone has over 80,000 km of canals.
Even if 30% of these canals are made, 180 GW of electricity can still be produced, which will save 90,000 acres of land.
Benefits of Solar Canals:
Solar power plants can be constructed much faster than large coal or gas power stations.
Reduces evaporation losses from canals.
Solar power is available throughout the day, which is the load demand time.
Solar energy conversion devices have a longer life and require less maintenance and therefore provide higher energy infrastructure protection.

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