Skyroot Aerospace successfully tests solid fuel rocket engine

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Skyroot Aerospace successfully tests solid fuel rocket engine

 The Indian space startup, Skyroot Aerospace, has successfully tested a solid propulsion rocket engine, named Kalam-5.

With this, it has become the first private company in India to successfully design, develop and test a fully solid fueled rocket stage.
This important propulsion technology will be used for their first rocket Vikram-1, which is under active manufacturing and is targeted to be launched in December 2021 with the help of ISRO.
The Kalam is a series of five solid-fuel rocket engines with thrusts ranging from 5kN to 1000kN (about 100TN). The remaining four motors are in various stages of manufacturing and will be tested in 2021.
Important facts for all competitive exams:
Founder and CEO of Skyroot Aerospace: Pawan Kumar Chandana.
Establishment of Skyroot Aerospace: 12 June 2018.
Headquarters of Skyroot Aerospace: Hyderabad.
Why in discussion?
Indian Skyroot Aerospace is a city-based startup that has successfully tested upper stage rocket engines. This rocket engine is named Raman, which can place many satellites in different orbits at once.
With the help and guidance of ISRO, Skyroot is going to become India s first private space launch vehicle.
Private Space Industry in India-IN-SPACe
This Indian Space Research Organization and anyone who wants to participate in space related activities or who wants to use India s space resources can become a part of this initiative. It will hand-hold, promote and guide private industries in space activities through encouraging policies and a favorable regulatory environment.
Indian National Space Promotion Board: It will be set up to strengthen the Department of Space and promote private space entrepreneurs or non-governmental space missions.
Role of ISRO: Focusing on essential activities like ISRO research and development, planetary exploration and strategic use of space. Also it is to free oneself from assistant or routine work, which can easily be done by private industry.
Demand-Driven Model: With the support of New Space India Limited (NSIL) it will attempt to resume space activities from supply-driven model to demand-driven model.
The main objective of NSIL is industry participation in Indian space programs compared to IN-SPACe

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