you can create a PDF file from your phone in just 5 minutes

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you can create a PDF file from your phone in just 5 minutes

Now even with a smartphone, you can do all the things that are done from a computer or laptop. In such a situation, if you want to convert a photo or file to PDF, then in just 5 minutes you can create a PDF file from your phone.

Many times we have to convert our documents or photos into PDF files. However, from the computer, you can easily convert your file to PDF or any other format with the tools found online. For this, you have to type JPG to PDF Converter in Google search, you will get the option of many free websites.

But if you do not have a laptop or computer and you have to convert any file or photo from phone to PDF then it becomes quite difficult. Today we will try to make this problem easy for you. You will be given information about many such applications, from which you can convert any file to another formant for free. For this, you can use both online and offline methods. Let know

1- For this, you must first go to the Google Play Store and download the JPG to PDF Converter app. This app is completely free.


2- After downloading the app, when you open it, you will have to give permission related to camera, gallery, photo, video and contact. For this, you have to click on Allow.

3- Now here you will see the option of File and Folder. Now go to the file you want to convert to PDF and select it.

4- If you want to convert the entire folder to PDF, then select the entire folder. However, for this your folder must be in JPEG file.

After selecting the file or folder, you have to select portable and landscape mode. That is, in which format do you want to keep the data of the PDF.

What is a PDF file?

The full name of the PDF is the Portable Document Format (PDF). In this file the user can put many and different types of documents together. Simply put, your important documents are saved in this small file.


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