Positive quotes about positive attitude about life challenges

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Positive quotes about positive attitude about life challenges

 Mahatma Gandhi arrived in Kolkata from South Africa to attend the Congress session. At that time he was known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. When he reached the Congress office in Kolkata, he met Ghoshal ji there

It was Ghoshal who was looking after the functioning of the Congress office. Gandhiji told him, I have come here to work. Tell me if there is any work.

Ghoshal saw Gandhi, what did he think it would work? Thinking something, he said, I do not have a big job. There are many letters here. Of these, those that are appropriate have to be separated and answered. Can you do this work

Gandhiji agreed to this work and he also replied to the letters.

When Ghoshal ji started leaving from office, Gandhiji put the buttons on his shirt. Usually this work was done by Ghoshalji s servant. Ghoshal ji was very pleased when Gandhiji put the buttons. When he came to know about Gandhiji, he came to know how educated he is.

Ghoshal ji was surprised that such a educated person and such a feeling of service. On that day Ghoshal ji took an education from Gandhiji that no work is big or small.

1 No work is big or small.

2 The importance of work is determined based on our intention, intention and understanding.

3 Some people who are in big positions think how they can do small work. But, sometimes there are occasions in life when we have to do normal work.

4 Understand the importance of work at that time. Never boast about your position.


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