child psychology questions and answers Part 3 for NTT CTET EXAM

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child psychology questions and answers Part 3  for NTT CTET EXAM

Take time to play with the kids: Parents should find time to play regularly with their children. It is considered good enough for emotional development of children. If you are a single parent, invite your friends at home or take the child with you to the friends house so that the children can get along with other children and people.

Question-11- The development of social spirit is born in the child With this statement -

A is completely agreed

BProbably agree

C disagrees

D agree to some extent

Ans. C


Question-12- To develop a sense of mutual support among the students, you-

A will make its profit

B Will work closely with other teachers

CTo tell the story of cooperation spirit

D punish those who do not cooperate

Ans. B

Question-13- According to the growth of children, their interests -

A becomes versatile

B is strengthened and limited

C goes in an irregular direction

D remains the same

Ans. A


Question-14- The biggest objectives of education are -

A Istudents can earn money

B be able to learn

C live a better life

D find respect

Ans. B

Question-15- If a child complies with balance, correctness and hygiene, then this indicator is-

A of interest

B of accretion

C praise

D of value

Ans. C

Question-16- Children are small by nature and nature.

A sneaky and self-conscious

B fearless and independent

C quiet and active

Dactive and curious

Ans. D

Question-17- Students like the teacher who -

A listens to problems

B does not get angry

C is punctual

D is beautiful

Ans. A


Question-18- The age group for adult education is -

A 6 -16 years

B 12 -18 years

C 18- 50 years

D 15 - 35 years

Ans. D

Question-19- The root of the progress of the society is-

A Child child education should be uniform

B The girl child should get less importance

C Girl education should be in a separate school

D the only female teacher

Ans. A


Question -20- To make the child s sense organs active and competent

A I will get the inspection done by placing material in front of them

B To assign and maintain

C keep them functional

D ask to sit quietly in the classroom

Ans. C

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