child psychology questions and answers for NTT CTET EXAM

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child psychology questions and answers for NTT CTET EXAM

What is the importance of child psychology?:
Child psychology is a specialized branch of general psychology that focuses on children s development and behavior. Child psychology studies children from birth to adolescence. Child psychology also studies education psychology which studies the physical, emotional, cognitive and social development of school going children. In addition, it focuses on how the environment and external motivation affect learning.

Child psychology questions and answers for NTT CTET EXAM PTET TET EXAM

बाल मनोविज्ञान: महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न

The condition / state of the creature that directs the behavior towards the goal is called:

Answer: Motivation
What is the physical condition caused by physical need?
Answer: Inside

What kind of insight is hunger?
Answer: Positive

Learning of one task has no effect on learning of another task, so what is this training called?
Answer: zero training transfer
Who is believed to be the originator of insight theory?
Answer: Kohler
By what name is the learning principle of Thorndike known?
Answer: Theory of effort and error
What is the name of learning theory given by Skinner?
Answer: active optimized response theory
How many are the main learning rules propounded by Thorndike?
Answer: Three
Which theory of learning is related to Kohler s experiment?
Answer: Understand
The soothing effects are sure to be co-related and weakened by the deleterious effects. Which rule is called?
Answer: The law of effect
What is the effect of being rewarded for learning a task?
Answer: The creature learns that work quickly
If you have a bad habit that you want students not to follow, what would you like to do?
Answer: Will quit that habit
The place of memory is not in the brain but in the elements of the body. That is why we learn by doing whose statement is this?
Answer: Dr. Mess s
Which psychologist created the non-sense Syllabus in the learning material?
Answer: Ebbinghaus


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