Google Wallet creator sold his startup to GoDaddy for dollar 365 million

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Posted on 20-12-2020 by Admin

Google Wallet creator sold his startup to GoDaddy for dollar 365 million

Google Wallet maker ownser Osama Bedier, who left Google to seek after different chances, in 2013, has sold his startup Poynt for $365 million to GoDaddy. Bedier, who is likewise Poynt CEO, will join the GoDaddy authority group and lead another business division. The exchange is relied upon to shut in the primary quarter of 2021, GoDaddy said on Tuesday.

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Till now Google was offering payment on Android Pay and Google Wallet, but the company is now bringing Google Pay in place of both these services

Google Pay app will compete with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Along with this, it will also get support in quite popular fast app in India. However, it is not clear how long it will get support in Tej. It is also possible that the company will launch Tej by the name of Google.

In Google Pay, the company will also provide UPI payment with some new features. Through this new app, shops will be able to pay from mobile only. For this, users have to scan only one code. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Explain that the company announced this in January.

Platforms like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are also present in the market. Google has made these changes to compete with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Officially, Google Pay app will roll out in US and UK. However, the company has not been told when it will be launched in other countries. Google has launched fast payment service in India.

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