Speed ​​up business by local business digital platform check benefits

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Speed ​​up business by local business digital platform check benefits

The idea of ​​home delivery start up of vegetables and grocery . He thought of delivering vegetables to people s homes.For this, they resorted to social media marketplaces. Today, his daily earning is around 20 thousand rupees. He is accompanied by a team of 14 people. They give salary of 10 thousand months to all people. Soon he will also start the delivery of the grocery with the help of social media.

What is a social media market place and local business digital platform

Nowadays there is a tool called Marketplace on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google, where you can easily add your grocery, laundry, vegetables and fruits and all kinds of local business. Just tell you what you sell, where you sell and what is your phone number? In that area, people who search for things related to your product, then your business will also show in it. The customer can place the order from there, or call you.

If you also do some kind of local business, and want to spread it to the people. So by connecting with such digital platforms you can promote your product. We are telling you how to connect your business with these platforms?

You can promote local business by connecting on these digital platforms

People can market the product by creating their pages on Google, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. For this, all platforms have the facility of business account. By visiting these, you can give complete information about the product. If the consumer is buying the product then he will get complete information. So let s know from 5 slides how we can promote a product with the help of social media?

Marketing and Branding on Facebook

Facebook offers two types of facilities. One is that you can do marketing and branding of your own local business by creating a business page on its app and the other is Facebook Marketplace, which is a kind of market tool.

In the marketplace, you will be included in the list of all the shops in the area that are offering online services. If you do both, it is better.

Whatsapp business is also a big thing

Nowadays, through WhatsApp, you can promote your business in your locality. For this, just follow some steps.

Promote local business with Google ad

You can promote your own business in your localities using Google Ad. Google Ad covers more people and you get your potential customers easily.

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