Telegram Vs Whatsapp Comparision what is best messenger Whatsapp or Telegram

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Telegram Vs Whatsapp Comparision what is best messenger Whatsapp or Telegram

Both are messaging applications and their basic functionality is similar. message, calls, group, broadcast etc. Whatsapp Vs Telegram Comparision what is best messenger Whatsapp Vs Telegram differences features

But there is a lot of difference in Whatsapp Vs Telegram both the features and the specification, we will know about these differences.

Cloud-based messenger: Whatsapp Vs Telegram big Comparision

Telegram has a cloud-based messenger, which means that you can access your telegram account from any device and can store your data on cloud whenever needed.

WhastApp does not store any data on its own, it gives data backup feature to users by using cloud feature of different types of platform.

Like Android users can do WhatsApp data backup on Google drive and iOS users on iCloud.

Group & Channel: 2nd Whatsapp Vs Telegram big Comparision so Telegram is best messenger

In Telegram app there is a limit to add user with someone s group 200000 i.e. if you create a group then you can add 2 lakh people from it. To send a broadcast message,

a channel has to be created on Telegram and unlimited messages can be broadcast simultaneously from this channel.

A maximum of 256 people can be added to a WhatsApp application with a single group, this is the limit, 

for this more people will have to create another group. The limit for sending broadcast message is also 256 which is much less than Telegram.

Telegram Channel so Telegram is best messenger

Friends, this was first seen when this great feature was launched in an instant messaging app! You must have seen the broadcasting feature in Whatsapp, through which you can send messages to many members in the broadcasting list in one turn!

But Telegram Channel is completely different than Whatsapp Broadcasting! You can create a broadcasting list of only 256 Members on Whatsapp! And only those people who have saved your number receive that message sent by you. There is no limit to add members in Telegram channel! 

If your telegram channel gets 200 members, then it can also be added through public, private links.

Telegram channel is specially designed for business marketers and business owners so that they can promote their business through Telegram channel. Talking about the special features of Telegram channel, here too you will see two types of channels! Private Channel and Public Channel. If you create a public channel,

that channel has a Username! By searching, which telegram user can join your channel!

On the other hand there is a private channel in which you get a link, if you share that link with a Telegram Member, then only then it joins your channel!

The special feature of Telegram channel is that you can add more members to it! Can also pin any post! Apart from this, you can share any file, videos, document or compressed file, Zip etc. up to 1.5 GB under Telegram channel in Telegram channel! So these were some special features of the Telegram app, about which a Telegram user must know! 

Hope this attempt to teach you something new in this article has been successful!

In Telegram New secret chat : Friends, this special feature of Telegram is rarely found in any application! This is a wonderful feature through which you can chat secretly with any Telegram user! Friends, the advantage is that whenever 

you interact with a user, during this time you get some special features! Which are the following.


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