Telegram is the app of which country old History of Telegram advantages

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Telegram is the app of which country old History of Telegram advantages

 There was a time when many questions were being asked about the question of which country the Telegram App belongs to. Whatsapp and Telegram app is not Indian app

 Old History of Telegram and Advantages

Telegram s team (Office) is currently based in Dubai, but Telegram App belongs to Russia (Russia). Telegram team had to leave Russia due to some local It rules. Before moving to Dubai, he tried hard to go to many places including Berlin, London and Singapore. this is old History of Telegram
At the same time, for your information, let us know that even though both of these brothers are from Russia, they both made their non-profit company in germany, so officially it is a German company. 

 Advantages of Telegram

Public or Private Channels Telegram Messenger has two types of channels; Public and Private.
Public Channels are called those who have a username. Anyone can get them by telesearch in telegram and 
can also join. They can also be easily searched on the internet. 
Private Channels are those channels that are not open to all. Often these are channels closed societies.
 Here you can join only if you add creator or you get an invite link to join.
 Share large size files You can share files in a channel like images, videos. Documents, compressed files - ZIP, 
 RAR, EXE etc. You can share large file sizes up to 1.5GB. 

 What is the advantage of joining Telegram Channels? 

  •  Since Telegram Channels have been categorized according to their niche, on joining them, you get information on the same interested niches.
  •  With this, you can share your knowledge and ideas with each other. With this, you also get to learn a lot of new things. 
  •  Since there are no ads here, you do not get anything other than content. 
  •  You do not need to waste your precious time and you get information on the topic you want. It is also good for advertisers as they get targeted people in one place.
  •  For Business Promotion. You can interact with many people and learn a lot from them. It is productive for small companies, where they can discuss their ideas and future plans.
  •  With this, big companies can also learn opinions about their products. It can be used for fun purpose.


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