Important features of Telegram Security features why Using Telegram Messenger

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Important features of Telegram Security features why Using Telegram Messenger

Telegram is designed for all types of devices like web, mobile and desktop and many important features like security, chat, support etc. are given a lot of attention for this. It has more rich feature than all messengers, it has new feature like Bots and it has good file sharing facility, better platform compatibility.

Telegram is a messaging app that provides Cloud based Messaging and Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) service.

It is based on the cloud, ie the data of this app will be stored on a Telegram server instead of your device.

Important features of Telegram 12 Reasons To Start Using Telegram Messenger

Security features - This is a high secure application, if compared to all the other apps of the same, then you will get an extra security layer in it which makes it more secure than others. With this, an end-to-end encrypted security system is used for Calls.

Telegram Group & Channel - Any Telegram user can create a group with 200,000 people and broadcast  a message to unlimited people by creating a channel.

Device - Most messaging apps and iOS only support but Telegram can also be used in Windows, OSX and Linux through Android, iOS with Windows phone and desktop app.

GDPR - This application takes as much data of the user as the cloud chat, contacts, etc. which are used to run the app properly. 

It has the facility of secret chats using which you can talk to anyone anonymously. Your chats will not be saved in any server.

You can change the look of the Telegram app in your own way.

It also has the facility of Bots.

You can use Telegram with Night Mode.

You can share your location with anyone.

It has new types of chat tools that you can use to make your chatting easier.

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