10 indoor plants for purifying and clean home air

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10 indoor plants for purifying and clean home air

While talking about air pollution, you have often discussed about smoke, dust, fog, factory black smoke, or black smoke coming out of vehicles, etc. Discussion about all these things happens because we only think about environmental pollution and we do not care about the pollution of the house. You would be surprised to know how much polluted air you are breathing even inside the house? However, there are many reasons why indoor air is polluted.

To keep the air pollution free, it is mandatory to plant plants to purify the indoor air. This is the perfect way to keep your home safe from pollution. Indoor plants do not have to be cared for because these plants survive with very little wind-water-sun rays.

Keep the house clean and clean with these 8 plants

Why would you want to invest on these plants, just because they look beautiful or because these small plants in the house purify the air of the house, make the environment cool and clean? Learn about some such plants from here:

1.Bamboo palm

Bamboo palm comes to the top for air purification because this plant destroys air pollutants produced inside the house, such as; Acetone, Xyle and Toluene. These air pollutants originate from household items, such as; Paint, nail polish, detergents, petroleum, diesel, and wood items etc. These types of pollutants and germs are very harmful for pregnant women and children. Bamboo palm absorbs the harmful gas and provides pure air to the home environment.

2 Boston fern

This plant is also known as sword fern, it is the oldest plant on earth. The plant thrives in a light, slightly shady and moist place and also helps to destroy harmful air pollutants or germs, as evidenced by research at formaldehyde National Biotechnology Center that formaldehyde is mostly produced by the combustion process There are cooking, incense, candle burning, smoking etc.

3 English ivy

According to NASA research, English ivy is also a plant that keeps the indoor environment pure and safe. This plant can easily survive anywhere inside and outside the house. This plant absorbs carbon di oxide from the air and destroys the harmful gases mixed in the air. We can also call this plant a natural air purifier, which is why most people hang it in small pots near their home windows. Apart from home decoration, English ivy also has many medicinal properties, this plant also cures problems related to breath.

4 Snake plant

The plant is named after the snake plant because of its long snake-like leaves. This plant can also grow in any dark corner of your house and it keeps it alive even after giving water to this plant once a month. If you do not want to plant green plants, then feel free to plant this plant in your house. This plant eliminates pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and xylene from the home environment and keeps the air clean and safe.

5 Rubber plant

A lot of information about this plant has also been received by NASA s Clean Air Research. The long leaves of the rubber plant eliminate carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to oxygen. This plant destroys bacteria and germs flowing in the air and at the same time it keeps the air naturally pure. This plant is not harmful to any animal or human and it is also a great decoration for home



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