Maintain the mattress in 5 ways so that you are healthy

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Maintain the mattress in 5 ways so that you are healthy

Mattresses are comfortable, everyone takes care of them, but mattresses also need care, so that they last a long time without any problems. It is very important to take care of healthy and Hygienic .

All mattresses are thoughtfully bought, so that they last a long time and do not deteriorate. But neglect and carelessness in their maintenance can make them premature. A little care keeps them safe for a long time.

Maintain the mattress in these 5 ways so that the mattress lasts longer

1. Let it be sunny : 5 Ways to Keep Your Bed, mattress  Healthy and Hygienic

Some people believe that modern mattresses need sunlight, but with continuous use, the mattresses smell, sweat, etc., and dust accumulates, which also poses a risk of infection. So in the interval of 1-2 months, show them sunlight for some time.

2. Turn: 5 Ways to Keep Your Bed, mattress  Healthy and Hygienic

By putting the mattresses on one side continuously, they tend to be suppressed on the more used side. So keep flipping them in a month or two. If you feel the problem of tightening the lower part, then change their headrests i.e. to rotate the mattresses.

3. Cleanliness of stains

When something falls on the mattress, it is immediately cleaned by adding water or shampoo dissolved in water and removes the stain. By doing this, the mattress gets filled with water, which causes the possibility of infection. If you have cleaned it by adding water, then put it in the sun.

4. Daily Cleaning

Take care of the mattress every day to keep it clean. Clean from time to time with the help of vacuum cleaner. This causes the dust to clear deeply. Also keep the bedsheets slightly larger than the size so that the sides of the mattresses are also well covered. Also lay a bedcover during the day, this will save double and dust particles will not be able to go in it.

5. Lay on the floor

If the mattresses are to be laid on the ground, instead of putting them upright, place a thick sheet or carpet under it. Due to this, moisture, dust etc. will not reach the mattress and the mattress will be safe.


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