Quote For Important To Know Strengths Weaknesses push yourself

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Quote For Important To Know Strengths Weaknesses push yourself

God has given everyone some things and specialties, then he has also kept some scope in his life. Not being perfect is the beauty of life. This is also the name of passion, criterion and challenges. Moving to perfection with incompleteness is efficiency 

Who is not sorry and malal in his life. But the real sad thing is that many people just keep on lamenting their shortcomings and cannot see the values ​​of life.

Understand your shortcomings and improve the quality, accept both and move forward in life. 

If gold could be said, then perhaps he too would have regretted not having the smell.

This means that everyone feels something missing. The difference lies in what you do with that so-called deficiency.

It is good to look inside yourself and know your shortcomings. But sensible people do this to improve themselves. They do not feel sorry for their shortcomings and weaknesses. The deficiencies that can be overcome, they try earnestly to remove them and accept those which cannot be removed instinctively.

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