Know what happens when you do not change your underwear everyday

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Know what happens when you do not change your underwear everyday

Just as you were told to brush your teeth every day to maintain oral hygiene, changing underwear every day is also essential to maintain hygiene. If your routine includes not changing your underwear in winter, it is the most dangerous mistake for your intimate hygiene.

Think again before wearing the same underwear for the second day in a row! We understand that since the winter has started, you may feel very lazy about taking a bath. Even if you do not feel like washing clothes, you tend to wear dirty clothes in laziness. But you need to change at least your underwear everyday.

what happens when you do not change your underwear in pregnancy

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans found that approximately 45% of participants wore the same underwear for two days or so! This is a very wrong and unhealthy habit and it can affect your health in 4 ways:

1. Vagina can cause bad odor :  if you wear the same underwear for continuously

The day-to-day discharge and moisture buildup on underwear makes it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and fungus. Which are often contaminated with feces and urine. This accumulated build-up can cause a foul odor, which can be not only embarrassing, but also very unhealthy.

2. You may get acne in private part : if you wear the same underwear for a week or four days

Due to the accumulation of sweat, moisture, dirt and oil, that too for a long time, you can become a victim of painful red pimples. Understand that if you want to avoid those painful pimples and pimples, then keep your intimate area fresh and clean, just like your face.

 What happens if you wear the same underwear for a week or two days and four days

3. Breeding becomes a ground for yeast infection ;

Yeast infection is one of the most common infections in women, and is due to improper dirty habits. Such infections usually spread due to wearing the same dirty underwear for several days.

And when you are doing this, you give yeast a place of reproduction for infection. In addition, it also increases the likelihood of irritation and discomfort in and around your intimate area.

what happens when you do not change your underwear everyday

4. You may have rashes : if  do not change your underwear everyday

We ve all gone through this situation, and we know how rushes can be really painful and uncomfortable. This not only makes your daily routine a struggle, but it is also very annoying to deal with. If you are troubled by rashes, make sure you change your underwear daily.

Not changing it daily can cause your skin to become irritated, inflamed and sensitive due to excess moisture, which can cause rashes.

6 So, how often should you change your underwear? 

Number of gynecologist Dr says, "If you go to the gym and sweat a lot there, you should change that underwear." In addition, she suggests changing her underwear two or more times during periods, as it is more dirty during that time. 
7 Generally, you should change your underwear daily to prevent any problems in the intimate area!


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