How to keep Indoor home air purifier, pollution free in winter

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How to keep Indoor home air purifier, pollution free in winter

In winter, all the doors and windows of the house have to be closed to avoid the cold air. In such a situation, we can know how to keep the air of the house pure.

10 Tips and trick to keep indoor air clean, pollution free

1. Do the cleaning with rules: to keep Indoor home air purifier and clean

Moisture on the walls, excess of junk, dust accumulated on the mattresses, dirt in the kitchen and items collected in the corners are responsible for deteriorating air quality. To improve air, clean every corner of the house regularly. Keep decorative items closed to facilitate dust clearing. Also change the sheet-cover every week.

2. Plant saplings : to keep indoor air clean, pollution free home

Many plants like basil, moneyplant, spider plant can be planted indoors. These will not only purify the air but will also increase the amount of oxygen in the house. If there is a neem tree outside the house, it will be icing on the cake.

3. Show sunshine :

Keep mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc. in the sun for a while to remove moisture from them. This will not cause fungal problems and will prevent you from getting sick.

4. Exhaust fan came :

The exhaust fan removes the bad air and humidity of the house. It helps in purifying the air of the house. Air purifiers can also be used to purify household air.

5. Stay away from fire : Best Tips to keep indoor air clean

People like to burn fire and sit in front of it. Due to its heat, they forget that the fire not only spoils the walls of their house but also pollutes the air inside the house.

6. Use Ventilation: keep Indoor home air purifier pollution free in winter

Ventilating homes reduce humidity levels, which is a major problem for indoor air quality, but we are not asking you to open the window, instead, take measures to purify the indoor air. . One of the best ways of doing this is to get the polluted particles of the house out of some place. Which help in taking out pollutants. There should be a place in your kitchen that should let the air in and out easily

7. Use Candles 

Candles can act as natural air purifiers. If you like to fill your home with scented candles, avoid paraffin candles. Which release benzene, toluene and soot in the air. Because these candles cause more harm than benefits. Pure wax candles burn almost without smoke or odor. They are especially helpful for asthma patients and in removing common allergens like dust from the air.

8. Salt Lamps

A salt lamp can also be helpful in removing pollution. Salt crystals reduce the humidity and diseases such as allergies by pulling moisture from the air. Pink salt is a natural ionic air purifier that draws toxins from the environment and can neutralize them.

9. Activated Charcoal

Use charcoal as a natural air purifier. A great way to purify indoor air is activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon. It is odorless which can help eliminate toxins from the air. Bamboo charcoal is another great way to purify the air naturally at home.

10 Remove dust 

Clean the carpet daily. It is important to clean the carpet especially at the place where you enter the house. Do not dust the dust. Use wet cloth to clean. Quit smoking and stop guests from smoking inside your home.

The air inside your house is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted and poisonous, do you breathe the same air? This is really scary. We go for health check-up every day, in which we insist on infection, allergy, but forget the most basic thing. Air quality check. The mattresses we sleep on contain harmful chemicals and toxins.



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