My sharechat account banned Solution policy Complaint Helpdesk

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My sharechat account banned Solution policy Complaint Helpdesk

Sharechat is a platform for people to connect, share their thoughts, opinions and feelings. We believe in freedom of expression and empowerment of citizens to help them express their ideas in a new generation of digital society. The sharechat app has been made available in 15 languages, out of which Hindi, Bhojpuri and Marathi are the main ones.

I have not posted any adult or spam. But my profile has been banned. Why so?

According to the Sharechat policy, posting spam content can be one of the reasons for sharechat profile being banned. Additionally, your profile is banned for violating our content and community manuals. For more information read the content and community manuals:
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Company Mohalla Tech Private Limited
Services : Social Media App, Short Video Post, Stories Blog Post, Content Creator, Chatroom
ShareChat Mobile App: Yes or Website
Website Addres: ShareChat
ShareChat policy against the following types of posts and we remove them as soon as such posts are reported.
Any post not complying with cyber law (Information Technology Act 2000)
Personal posts (posts without permission)
Spam Posts
Posts copying copyright infringement or infringement of intellectual property
Harassing violent posts
hate speech (hateful post)
Posts promoting fraudulent or illegal activities
Posts promoting criminal activities
Posts containing fake news
Harassment or bullying posts
Along with the post, we will also take a serious look at the purpose of the poster. If the purpose of the poster is to inconvenience, 
misbehave or spread false information etc. to the community of Sharechat then it will not be accepted.
No one is allowed in the Sharechat community to harass or use profane language in posts or comments.

how to unban sharechat account Solution policy Complaint Helpdesk 

Once your mobile number is banned, you cannot use sharechat with that number. But sharechat can be appealed.
If your sharechat account is banned then do not have to worry. sharechat has the facility to appeal.
Email ID Contact Us: [email protected]
Contact on Website: ShareChat contact us page
Conclusion and advice
Folliw ShareChat policy and next time not block your ShareChat Account. 
Folliw ShareChat policy like Avoid to post Personal posts (posts without permission), Harassing violent posts
If your ShareChat account is banned 
SO start chatroom voice problem
My account is banned so some time video is deleted
You can not post any blog content and video content
You can not use Chatroom option

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