PUnjab NTT Exam Question paper 2020 sample paper Previous Year Question

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mcq child development pedagogy in hindi and English PUnjab NTT Exam Question paper 2020 sample paper Previous Year Question Papers PDF download NTT Syllabus 2020 Exam Pattern Friends, through this post today, we will provide you an important PDF of the NTT Exam Most Important MCQs of Child Development and Education in Hindi!

PUnjab NTT Exam Question paper 2020 sample paper

From the teacher s point of view, what is the combination of genius modesty?

  1.   High Ability - Proper Creativity - High Promise Revenge
  2.   High Motivation - High Commitment - High Efficiency
  3.   High Ability - High Ability - High Commitment
  4.   High Efficiency - High Proliferation - High Memory

Ans:   High Ability - Proper Creativity - High Promise Revenge

With whom is Out of the Box contemplation related?

  1. Friendly thinking
  2. Memory thinking
  3. Divergent thinking
  4. Convergent thinking

Ans: Divergent thinking

Through keeping the learners in the least restrictive school environment, the school-

  1.   Respects educational opportunities for girls and disadvantaged sections.
  2.   Normalizes the lives of underprivileged children, which is increasing the school s relationship with these children s communities and parents.
  3.   In the activities like science fair and quiz, the child of Lion with class participates.
  4.   Sensitizes other children not to suppress benefited children and targets them.

Ans 4

Rean Julie is known for her… ..definition of genius?

  1. Four rows
  2. Four tier
  3. Three circles
  4. Tri headed

Ans 3

For gifted learners-

  1.   It is right to explain aptitude as a skill.
  2.   There is no need to monitor progress.
  3.   The teacher must adapt as the learner changes.
  4.   The teacher should take initiative and play a key role in problem solving.

Ans: 3

Which of the following is not a reason for forgetting?

  1. Mental conflict
  2. Lack of iteration
  3. Amount of learning
  4. Teacher qualification

Ans 4

The teacher can encourage children to think creatively-

  1.   By giving them questions tomorrow too.
  2.   By asking them to think in different ways to solve the problem.
  3.   By asking them to memorize the answer.
  4.   By asking them memoir based questions.

Ans 2

It is important to help the learners in repetition and suffix memory of what they have learned earlier because-

  1. Linking new information to prior information makes learning richer
  2. This is an effective way to repeat previous lessons.
  3. It enhances the memory of the learners thereby strengthening the learning.
  4. This is a convenient beginning for someone s class instruction

Ans: 1

Learning can be rich if-

  1. Examples from the real world should be brought into the classroom so that students interact with each other and the teacher facilitates that process.
  2. Teaching Aids should be used more and more in the classroom
  3. Teachers use different types of lectures and explanations
  4. Periodic tests in the class should be given due attention

Ans 1

child development pedagogy in hindi List Punjab NTT Exam

Which of the following statements should not characterize the learning process?

  1. Educational institution is the only place where learning takes place
  2. Learning is a broad process
  3. Learning goal is face
  4. Learning is also a process of learning

Ans 1

How does the child learn-

  1. After reading the books
  2. By care
  3. By asking questions
  4. In many ways

Ans 4

Which one of the following is a good teacher-

  1.   Uses lecture method for study
  2.   Prayag teaches through performance
  3.   Motivates students to learn sharda
  4.   Always keeps students in discipline

Ans 3

Which statement is best in the eyes of a teacher?

  1. Every child can learn
  2. Most children can learn
  3. Some children can learn
  4. Very few children can learn

Ans 1







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