5G countries list 2020 highest 5G download speed First country to start 5G

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 South Korea has won the race to start 5G service.US telecom company Verizon was forced to start its 5G services early as South Korean companies started late night 5G service. The American company also launched 5G services in Chicago and Minneapolis on Wednesday. He started services a week before the scheduled date.

South Korea launched 5G services two hours before the US. South Korea s largest telecom company SK Telecom said on Thursday that it started its 5G service at 11 am on April 3. Katie and LG Uplus also said that at the same time they also started their 5G services. 5G service will be available to common customers from April 5 itself.

Experts said that 5G service will provide fast connectivity to smartphones. Its speed will be 20 times faster than 4G and it will allow customers to download the entire movie in less than a second. Let me tell you, with South Korea, there was a competition to start 5G service between the US and Japan.

5G countries list 2020

The United States

South Korea

Sweden and Estonia





Saudi Arabia has the highest 5G download speed in the world. The average download speed here is 377.2 Mbps. Here the download speed on 4G is 30.1 Mbps.

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