Breakdancing received Olympic status for the first time in Paris in 2024

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Posted on 11-12-2020 by Admin

Breakdancing received Olympic status for the first time in Paris in 2024

For the year 2024, the Olympic Games has been hosted by France capital Paris. This Olympics is going to be very special. This proposal has been sent to the International Olympic Committee. A decision will be taken to include it in the Paris Olympics by December 2020.

About Breakdancing Olympic Games status fact

Breakdancing was placed in the Youth Olympics of Buenos Aires in the year 2018. Russia s Sergi Chernyshev then received a gold medal in breakdancing. While Ramu Kavai of Japan got the gold medal in the girls category.

It is being said that the inclusion of breakdancing in the Olympics will increase its popularity. There was also a proposal to include squash in Paris 2024, but it was rejected.

This decision of the Olympic Committee can be seen as a step towards increasing the popularity of the Olympics among the youth and towards gender equality. According to the internal report of the 2019 Olympics, 1 million people took break dancing as sports and its current champion is from Japan. The IOC has presented this as a future plan. There have been indications from the IOC that after 2024 Paris Olympics, break dancing will continue to be given the status of sports in 2028.

Apart from this, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing have also been included in these sports. These three games were to be included in the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed for a year due to the corona virus epidemic.


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