5 Lessons About Udaan Company You Can Learn From Superheroes

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5 Lessons About Udaan Company You Can Learn From Superheroes

 India biggest B2B Wholesale Market Bulk Order Company for Mobiles product, Clothing product, Industrials, Food product and FMCG products. Udaan is a world-level company that deals with the supply of goods, especially small shopkeepers.Udaan is a B2B trade marketplace that connects small shopkeepers, wholesalers, merchants and factories with each other.That connects main to wholesalers, merchants, retailers and manufacturers on one platform through a mobile app.

About Udaan and Valuation 

When a startup s value reaches $ 1 billion or more, it joins the Unicorn Club. Udaan has recently entered the Unicorn Club.UDDAN.COM is founded in the year 2016 by former employees of Flipkart. Amod Malaviya, Vaibhav Gupta and Sujeet Kumar are the three who founded Udaan.In its early days, for 8 to 10 months, Udaan supplied goods only to small shopkeepers and traders. Udaan created a platform for traders.

5 Lessons About Udaan Company You Can Learn From Superheroes

  1. Today, there are many such options on the Internet, due to which you can spread your business faster and Udaan App is also one of those popular platforms that gives users the power of digitization to develop their business. 
  2. It is a great platform to provide a type of online business where both merchants and customers can transact products on the same platform, so Udaan platform is also considered as a platform to connect customers and merchants.
  3. Designed to solve business related problems for small, medium and large businesses. It provides customers and products in many categories.
  4. It facilitates secure payment and hassle-free trading. It gives an option to chat with sellers and interested buyers to do business directly.
  5. It is access to new areas and customers for retailers and businesses for brands, manufacturers and marketing and sales support that spreads your business.

Udaan Business Model 

Udaan is a B2B marketplace on which manufacturers and wholesalers can sell their products to retailers through online platforms or mobile apps. In which the company also provides logistics, secure payment and technology support. Udaan helps businesses to connect customers, suppliers to producers. Udaan facilitates secure payments through its platform and also provides logistics support.

What is Udaan revenue model

Udaan takes as a percentage commission on sales that vary in different categories. Udaan also charges the buyer for logistics as a delivery fee which also varies by product and quantity. They also provide credit limits to buyers.

All the founders of Udaan were previously employees of Flipkart. Udaan is founded by Amod Malaviya, Vaibhav Gupta and Sujit Kumar.

Vaibhav Gupta was a former senior VP in Flipkart. 

While Sujit Kumar worked as executive of Supply Chain and Logistics in Flipkart.

And Amod Malaviya was the Chief Technology Officer at Flipkart.

How much fund did Udaan collect?

Investors interest on B2B e-commerce platforms is growing significantly. Udaan — a Bangalore-based B2B e-commerce marketplace for retailers, wholesalers, merchants and manufacturers — has raised a total of $ 681.3 million in funding over 7 rounds.

Total Funding Amount  near about: $899.9M

Udaan s main competitor -

BigTrade is one of Udaan s top rivals, BigTrade, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Tradekosh: tradekosh is a Pune-based startup that was founded in the year 2018. Pune, Maharashtra, India . Which was established in the year 2018.


zoomtail is seen as one of Udaan s top competitors.

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