cheapest country in the world for india Budget

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cheapest country in the world for india Budget

There will not be pockets loose for the tour of these countries, here the value of India\'s rupee is more.Many people are fond of traveling abroad. But to travel to countries like America, Europe, a lot of money is required. Because the value of India\'s rupee in these countries is much less than the dollar. But you will be happy to know that there are some countries where Indian money is expensive.

mongolia country: Amazing fact mongolia Country traveler visit

is a landlocked country in East and Central Asia. It borders Russia to the north, China to the south, east and west. Although Mongolia does not border with Kazakhstan, its westernmost end is only 24 miles (38 km) from the eastern tip of Kazakhstan.
myanmar country: Interesting facts about myanmar Country visit
89 percent of the people of Myanmar believe in Buddhism. Starting from India, Buddhism has spread all over the world today but Myanmar has a large number of its followers. Myanmar has everything but the desert. If everything is spoken, the geographical beauty here is unmatched.
The range of hills, waterfalls and lakes add to the beauty of the place.
Cambodia country: Interesting facts about Cambodia Country visit
Cambodia is popular for its huge stone Angkor Wat temple. Indian citizens can roam here without spending much. Its Royal Palace, National Museum and archaeological ruins are centers of attraction. Cambodia is very popular among. tourists from western countries. Now its popularity is gradually spreading among Indians. Here 1 rupee currency is equivalent to 63.23 Cambodian rials.
Paraguay country: Interesting facts about Paraguay Country visit
Paraguay is located in South America and is the first choice for travelers who like to visit neighboring countries like Brazil or Argentina. However, the beauty of nature is seen in Paraguay. Indians can roam freely here because 1 rupee currency is equal to 88.48 Paraguayan Guarani in Paraguay country.

Indonesia country: Interesting facts about Indonesia Country visit
Indonesia is a very beautiful and attractive country. There are more than one beach here, which goes in millions every year to see.If you feel like going to this country, then definitely go for a walk.
Morocco country : Facts about Morocco country
This province, which was a Roman province in North Africa, was ruled by a dynasty of African descent in the medieval period, which had Islamic influence from the tenth century. Today this country is Muslim whose language is Arabic. The Arabic here is African mixed.
Bhutan , Nepal 
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